The Sessions




Test data management

The shift to an increasingly flexible and dynamic development process requires rapid access to the appropriate test data. How can streamlined test data management aid continuous delivery?

Session hosted by Paula Thomsen, Head of Quality Assurance, Aviva UK


Performance testing in 2017

How can we optimise performance testing in an age of automation? How can bottlenecks be solved and prevented?

Session hosted by Kashif Saleem, Director QA,


Outsourcing: Destination Cape Town

Outsourcing offers many hidden benefits. These benefits are subtle but introduce significant cost savings and productivity gains. Outsourcing is a long-term strategy, and a good partnership will match ambition, technical ability, enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude. Key considerations include:

1. Cross-jurisdictional benefits

2. IP retention

3. Talent acquisition and retention

4. Peak and trough management

5. Onboarding of new skills, technologies and techniques for example automation of software testing activities

Session facilitated by DVT


QA in a DevOps world

The advent of DevOps is bringing about major cultural and organisational change. How should QA and Testing departments respond to this new landscape? Who will be the new DevOps champions?

Session hosted by Alan Richardson, Test Consultant


Next Generation Testers

In the early days of professional testing, structure and objectivity were seen as paramount – the best testers did what they were asked, how they were asked and never deviated from that. In the world of modern, high speed development we need a more dynamic approach. Are the kinds of people we have been recruiting historically still the best fit for our needs? What aptitudes and personal qualities will be needed to succeed in the next generation of testing?

Session facilitated by Edge Testing


Does test automation mark the end of manual testing?

What are the new trends in test automation, and should we be aiming for 100% coverage? How do you implement modern manual testing to compliment automation efforts?

Session hosted by Myron Kirk, Head of Test CoE, Boots UK


Testing strategies for mobile applications

As the mobile app market evolves, how can you ensure continuous quality given the large and growing number of different devices and operating systems?

Session hosted by Cecilia Rehn, Editor, TEST Magazine


Agile Testing & Shift Left approach

With current Agile approach to software development; the demand on testing also being agile is very high. With multiple & frequent sprints; the major requirement on testing organizations is to deliver the quality faster and better. The ‘Shift Left’ approach helps in achieving this by improving the software quality very early in development lifecycle thus resulting in achieving overall quality goals faster. In this roundtable interaction; we will discuss our experiences on how QMetry helped customers to achieve faster quality. This being an interactive session; the floor will be open for all to share their experiences and ask specific questions to QMetry experts or also to other delegates at the table.

One of the major highlights will be on predictive analytics to achieve better results for Agile Testing

Session hosted by QMetry

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