How have the Focus Groups
come about?

In its role as information provider TEST Magazine spends a lot time speaking and listening to its readers and then seeking out innovative ways to meet their needs. It has become apparent that senior decision makers wish to discuss their challenges in a meaningful and structured manner with a view to finding pragmatic and workable solutions to what are invariably complex issues. This knowledge led to TEST Magazine launching the TEST Focus Groups in March 2016 as an annual event.

What are the TEST Focus Groups
and how does it work?

The TEST Focus Groups consists of 12 syndicate rooms, each with its own subject and facilitated by a knowledgeable figure. Each debate session runs three times through the course of the day and with spaces limited up to 10 delegates per session to ensure that meaningful discussion takes place and all opinions are heard. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and gives participants the opportunity to really get inside the minds of their peers and understand the varying viewpoints.

How do I select my sessions?

Prior to the event each delegate pre-select which three sessions they would like to attend, space will then be allocated on a first come first served basis. Adopting this approach ensures each delegate is in control of their itinerary which then ensures highly interactive and lively debate sessions.

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As a sponsor to the TEST Focus Groups suppliers are not only promoting themselves through the traditional means such as branding and pre-event promotion; by hosting a room they are also guaranteeing that delegates perceive them as knowledgeable market leaders who have the expertise and understanding to help them effectively overcome their key challenges.
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For debate sponsors a stand in the exhibition is absolutely essential as delegates will have discussed and debated the issues facing them and found, with the guidance of the host, workable solutions to their challenges. To then view a demonstration of the very products or services that will help resolve their issues is an opportunity that should not be missed.
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This vibrant and thought leading approach opens doors at the highest level in organisations that may have been difficult to penetrate and assists with the forging of solid and meaningful relationships between buyer and seller. Add to this each sponsor is able to position themselves as a market leader while at the same time demonstrating their thought leading credentials, making hosting at the TEST Focus Groups an extremely powerful, exclusive, and insightful opportunity.
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